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Message from Mother
Please forgive my extreme tardiness! Yes, it’s past the middle of the month already but here I am! Right now the whole Community is working diligently to prepare for Sister Isidora Maria’s First Profession of Vows on May 3rd and THAT has pre-occupied me, as well as all of the Sisters. Lots to do! 

We ask your prayers for Sister as she focuses on this important event in her life as a Passionist Nun. To become a Bride of Christ is a big step and she’s ready!! Keep the rest of us in prayer, too, as we prepare to witness this public gift of all she is and has to her Divine Spouse! God love you all. 

From the Novitiate
Water and Wheat 

Water and wheat and wine that’s sweet 
Now hands have blest and broken 
Neither sight nor smell, nor taste can tell 
Change wrought by the words then spoken 
But where once was bread and wine blood red 
Lies a gift far more precious than gold 
For in Faith’s light clear, with awe and fear 
‘tis our God that we now behold. 
Our Father in Heaven has supplied the leaven, 
His Son with the thorn-crown’d head. 
Strange as it may seem, this is what we mean 
When we pray for our Daily Bread. 
So Christian true come pay your due 
To Christ whom Death did know 
And receive Him not with stain or spot 
But pure as wind-driven snow 
Once cleansed of sin, receive Him in 
To your heart where He may reside 
And beg the graces to see His face 
And live in His pierced side. 
O Jesus the Son, with the Father, one 
And Spirit life giving flame 
Come to my heart and set it apart 
That it may crave more of the same. 
Of this Water and Wheat and that Wine, so sweet 
That Hands have blest and broken 
For tho’ sight nor smell, nor taste can tell, 
I believe in the Words then spoken!